Photovoltaic Services

Monitoring, Maintenance, & Repair

SolarTech Industries offers a variety of services for photovoltaic system owners. We make it our priority to ensure that every system is running at peak efficiency. SolarTech Industries allows you to enjoy all the benefits of solar without any of the headaches.



Our Maintenance & Warranty package covers a wide variety of services which include: Full Service Monitoring, production issue repairs, and warranty replacement on panels & inverters. This is our #1 package and highly recommended to anyone who owns their photovoltaic system. You'll never have to worry about your photovoltaic system again.
Penetration integrity is one of the most important aspects of your photovoltaic system. In order for your system to last 20+ years on your home, the penetrations in your roof need to be installed correctly and properly sealed. Improper flashing will lead to roof leaks and water damage. Call us today for a free roof inspection.



Our Photovoltaic Maintenance Inspection is very similar to taking your car in for a check-up. We thoroughly inspect your entire system from penetration integrity to proper installation of your monitoring unit. We leave no stone unturned. Preventative maintenance on your photovoltaic system will extend the life of your panels and inverters as well as ensure the production output.
Our Full Service Monitoring package is truly one of a kind. We'll monitor your system around the clock and diagnose any production issues that may occur. You will be alerted within 24 hours of any production issue and our technicians will be onsite within 72 hours. If not tended to, these types of production issues can cost customers hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost production.



Over the life of your system, inverters will underproduce and in some cases fail. SolarTech Industries will handle your inverter warranty claims directly through the Manufacturer and replace your defective inverters onsite.
SolarTech Industries handles warranty replacement claims for all types of photovoltaic panels. We take care of all voltage and current testings that are required in order to make a warranty replacement claim. Once it's approved, SolarTech Industries will replace your defective module onsite.



SolarTech Industries handles all types of photovoltaic repairs. From system failures to hanging wires, SolarTech Industries will service and repair any issue your system may have. Whether it's one panel or an entire array, we make it our priority to repair your system and ensure maximum output. We pride ourselves in our quick response and quality service.
Every roof eventually needs to be repaired or reroofed. SolarTech Industries will safely remove your photovoltaic system and store it onsite until the roofers are finished. Once the roofers are done, we will properly reinstall your system and test all circuits to ensure its productivity.